Dr Rupal – Hypo Thyroid bimari ke lakshan ? signs and symptoms (Hindi)

What am i dieting so much better Doing so much better practice in the gym But still i am not losing load And how much I protect my mane … I take care But still my fuzz is so sprung Friends have you heard these complaints Yes friends, this all means that They have trouble with THYROID Friends, do you know Dilwale Dulhania movie famed actress Kajol is the ambassador of THYROID And friends, domineering heroin Sonakshi Sinha rumad that he is also a casualty of THYROID oprah winfrey testify of host oprah winfrey THYROID VICTIM IS VERY FAMOUS Yes friends, all of them are suffering from Thyroid disorder. Friends, today we are going to talk about THYROID Today we will know the types of diseases of THYROID, Symptoms and how to treat them welcome then thinkoxcin, i am doctor rupal and Welcome all of you to the brand-new episode of Made digest subscribe to the thinkoxcin channel and press the buzzer icon First to see the latest videos of medical science According to a study by friends, 1 in ten Indians Thyroid have suffered from ill. But regrettably, about this disease There is a very low awareness among people. Today friends, through this video I will try This malady should be understood in simple lingo And if there are symptoms of thyroid, then it should be treated at the best time. So let’s know what is thyroid? Friends thyroid is the name of a gland located in the throat. This gland is present in the front part of the throat. And its figure is similar to that of a butterfly. It helps in many types of metabolic processes of your figure. Control labors. Such chemical reactions in the body Which is essential for “peoples lives”. These are announced metabolic processes. But you must be thinking that this is about thyroid gland What are thyroid questions Friends, there are two types of Thyroid disorder. Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism Friends of thyroid hormones in hyperthyroidism The quantity of production increases a good deal And thyroid hormones in hypothyroidism product gets much lower But friends in India and also in foreign countries It has been observed that there are not so many cases of hyperthyroidism. Only common cases of Hypothyroidism are emerging. So friends, in this video of today, we Learn more about Hypothyroidism If you need information about Hyperthyroidism, then wait for my next video Friends you must have heard this many times You must have heard from your best friend and many times from the mouths of doctors. And peculiarly the gym goers must have heard from their coach You must do this so that your metabolism increases Or your heavines is not decrease because your metabolism is very slow After all what is this metabolism thing ??? Friends, I would like to give you this information Thyroid hormones liberated from the thyroid gland Affect almost all parts of the body, Like skin, ability, muscles , nothing remains untouched by this Its most crucial, most important work is Control the power being used by the body What we call metabolism How does the heart beat in it, How is the temperature of their own bodies ascertained? And how do we burn our calories; All this process is involved in this. Friends are more women than beings Thyroid disease and Thyroid ailments are more frequent. There are about 10 times bigger. So let’s see about Hypothyroidism Friends Hypothyroidism is also called underactive thyroid Friends of the person suffering from this infection Thyroid Gland Thyroid is not create hormones in the right amount If these Thyroid hormones are reduced in the body So the body’s yield is slowing down completely That is, their own bodies develops fewer and less energy. And our metabolism slows down Friends are the most common cause of Hypothyroidism. HashiMoto’s Thyroiditis Friends this sicknes famous actress KIm Catrall specified “Sex& the city Frame” Catrall played Samantha in a sitcom So friends HashiMoto’s Thyroiditis There is an Autoimmune Disorder which causes rednes in the Thyroid Gland. HashiMoto’s Thyroiditis Produce Antibodies That Are On Thyroid Gland Attacks and destroys it Friends Thyroiditis and HashiMoto’s Thyroiditis are caused by viral illnes. Friends, if you want to know what is causing viral illnes ?? How do VIRUS work And what is the difference between VIRUS and BACTERIA ?? So friends, click on the “I” button on the screen, you will get information about it. Friends, other reasons for having Hypothyroidism is that Some special medicines can cause hypothyroidism. Such as HEART, cancer and psychiatric questions Some drugs used in the treatment of Such as -amiodarone( cordarone ), lithium, interferon alpha, and interleukin-2 Decreases thyroid hormone creation And or they stop them wholly, these remedies Friends of Hypothyroidism often in India The main reasons is that Iodine deficiency Yes friends, “youve heard” the absence of iodine in menu Our torso is not see iodine itself So we should eat it For this, iodized salt, eggs, fish And dairy produces should be spent. Friends The second reason is Pregnancy of Hypothyroidism Yes friends of Pregnancy ie Pregnancy Later, in numerous women, the first thyroid hormone Yield increases leading to hyperthyroidism before them. And precede yield fall leads to hypothyroidism. So guys, you must have often seen that after gestation or Damsel after delivery in pregnancy People’s weight is really increased. And even if you try, the force does not decrease. So friends, they may have pregnancy induced hypothyroidism. If a little of lightness is exerted or yoga is done. So it can be completely medication And one rationalization is for Hypothyroidism Which is considered to be in more villages That is thyroid illnes from birth Thyroid gland properly since birth in some children Can not develop or do not work properly. Where does this condition lead to congenital hypothyroidism Friends, it often happens that during the pregnancy of the mother I do not get adequate nutrition, I do not get enough iodine And because of MalNutritioned the babe right from birth Thyroid Gland seems to function less So friends, this was about the causes of hypothyroidism But friends what are the indications of Hypothyroidism ?? Friends, I would like to give you the information collected Symptoms of hypothyroidism are not very clear And parallel other maladies: The most important reason is considered to be in girls There is a change in the menstrual cycle. The second evidence is constipation or heartburn. Depression also should contribute to excessive hair loss Or mane baked … Skin becomes very dry. Exhaustion and lots of sleepiness Another important thing is the cold of friends. Countless become more sensitive towards It often happens that even in NORMAL ROOM TEMPERATURE It starts feeling cold and hands and feet get cold. The second that Doctors often know And that is the slow heart rate, your best friend Your Pulse Rate goes down drastically Friends are the most prominent indications of Hypothyroidism Inflammation Of Thyroid Gland Yes, goitre … What happens in such a situation There is a kind of swelling in your throat And it swells in the gland Which shows that the patient has Hypothyroidism An important symptom of Hypothyroidism is ensure. This is often seen in sheherome and often JOB maidens. Of abrupt force advantage Or it is very difficult to lose weight In this situation, it is often that after lifting in the morning, the face looks very swollen. So friends, these were some indications of Hypothyroidism If you watch these symptoms then you should understand that Perhaps you have a problem with Hypothyroidism So friends how is the diagnosis of Hypothyroidism done? Is there a test available in the market for this Friends to be informed about Blood evaluations are available in some groceries From which the level of THYROID hormone is detected. Friends, physicians can ask you for these evaluations: Such as Thyroid-stimulating hormone blood test T4( thyroxine) grade research and often Thyroid ultrasound is done Thyroid scan is also done So friends, all these diagnostic implements come to know that Whether “youve had” Hypothyroidism cancer Often to do THYROID’s blood experiment You can waste from 750 to 750 And friends ultrasound of Thyroid It is not very frequent but you just wanted to do Agra So it can be from 2500 to 4000 So far “were having” seen what are the manifestations of Hypothyroidism ?? And what is available in Hypothyroidism market And what is their COST So guys you will think this but if I have Hypothyroidism right now So how do I receiving treatment ?? So friends it is very easy to treat In treating this, you get synthetic( man-made) thyroid hormone. T4 You must take this drug Friends, this is medicine, you get wise in tablet assemble. But friends, while making this prescription, you It should be kept in mind that First of all the other prescriptions are being given to your doctor firstly. Or food-supplements and what various kinds of diet do “youre using” You must inform the doctor about this Friends if you have hypothyroidism for a long time And what can happen if you do not get it considered ?? So friends, especially infertility in wives is seen infertility. As she tries too much to is pregnant but she can’t get pregnant In such a situation, the doctor suspects that he may have Hypothyroidism. And at that time they are asked to test blood Another complication is that “Theres a lot” of joint suffering and Friends, I have already told you about obesity Friends if pregnant women have hypothyroidism So the child who is coming because of this trouble Oncoming baby A heap of saris can come in his occurrence. Friends in the first month of pregnancy The child receives thyroid hormones from its mother. And if the mother has this difficulty i.e. Hypothyroidism So there may be problem in mental development of the child. You must keep this in mind So friends, this was information about THYROID If you have any questions about it So communicate me that question in COMMENTS SECTION I will try my best to answer them all If you liked this video So don’t forget to like and share this video And to subscribe to this channel, sound this clique. So tomorrow we will meet again till then take care and good night.