Trying to conceive (TTC) with hypothyroidism | Improve your fertility| Dr Morris

Hi. I’m Dr. Randy Morris. I’m aboard-certified fertility expert and the medical head at the world-renownedIVF1 Fertility Center in Naperville Illinois and this is infertility TV The thyroid gland is one of the mostimportant hormone making organs in the body. Thyroid hormones are involvedin every body process you have including reproduction. So it should come as nosurprise that problems linked to the thyroid gland can interfere with your birthrate. You construe the thyroid can sometimes over produce or under induce its hormones.This is known as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is by farthe most common problem but both types can interfere with fertility. The mostobvious path in which the thyroid can interfere with fertility is bypreventing ovulation. In fact, correcting a thyroid trouble is one of the easiestand most effective ways to correct an ovulation problem.There has been a trendin recent years nonetheless to micromanage the thyroid. At IVF1, we participate manypatients who had normal thyroid function comes started on thyroid hormonetreatment anyway. It is important to know that there is no evidence that this willimprove birthrate shorten miscarriage or improve the outcomes of pregnancy. Takingthyroid hormones for an underactive thyroid is safe to do during pregnancy.Some cares for the purposes of an overactive thyroid however may lead to birthdefects so discuss these with your doctor before you thoughts. Hi, Dr. Morrishere, if you liked this video recollect to “like this video”. Got a question? Leave itin the comments below. InfertilityTV is broadcast weekly don’tmiss any bouts. Click here to subscribe. Inspect our website where youcan register to become a patient.