Top Hypothyroid Diet Tips – Dr.Berg Gives Hypothyroidism Diet Ideas

hey dr. Berg here in this short video we’re going to give you a few cases hypothyroid diet tips number 1 the single worst thing you can do if you have a hypothyroid problem is going a low-grade calorie diet why because as you lower your calories you likewise lower your nutrition that starves the metabolism and you be brought to an end just slowing down your thyroid even more the thyroid does control the metabolism but adapts to the environment so if the input is less that it needs it’s going to has to compensate by retard and being more conservative so low-spirited calorie nutritions especially some of the ones that are like the 500 800 calorie all you’re going to do is you’re going to end up with a much much lower metabolism numeral 2 pre packaged foods and you know what I’m talking about the mainstream large-hearted nutritions out there that are all the different boxed foods that you have to buy those got something called soy protein isolates now what is soy protein isolates they are a very low quality protein exceedingly cheap protein but they interfere with the thyroid in the liver they’re not good to put in your figure and when you take those things it tends to increase the estrogen extent and anytime you increase estrogen you slammed the thyroid down alright because I’ll help recognize beings all the time come in and they have a thyroid promises where reference is did start after they went in a nutrition and they did the pre packaged menu so avoid soy at all costs number 3 stimulants and that would be like again these diet pills and vente mean and things that suppress the metabolism or arouse metabolism we don’t want to do that because the thyroid is depleted so anything that arouses it discontinues up burning it out down the road so those are three unusually awfully terribly very important things to do now in the next video I want to cover what I’m going to cover several things number one what’s behind a thyroid trouble and it’s usually secondary to something else and number two why traditional adds-on for the thyroid never never toil I’ll see in the next video