Low TSH: 3 Causes and What it Means if you are Hypothyroid

Today we are chatting regarding what to do if you have a low TSH, what it indicates for your body, what creates it and what to do.

There are 3 main root causes of a reduced TSH that you need to understand concerning:

1. Thyroid drug (You are taking excessive) → Common
2. Hyperthyroidism (Your body is generating excessive) → Common
3. Pituitary/Hypothalamic disorder (Your body can’t make it) → Not extremely common

We are mosting likely to focus on the initial one today, implying what takes place if you have a reduced TSH as a result of taking thyroid drug, but you ought to understand that there are other root causes of a reduced TSH.

How does the TSH job in your body?

TSH is created by the pituitary gland as well as its task is to inform your thyroid to generate thyroid hormone.

It’s called thyroid stimulating hormonal agent for a reason since it promotes your thyroid gland to create T4 as well as T3.

A low TSH suggests that your body is sending out the signal to generate much less thyroid hormone from your thyroid gland.

Due to the fact that you are taking thyroid medication or since your body is creating too much thyroid hormonal agent on its very own, this can be.

Finally, maybe due to the fact that your body isn’t qualified of generating TSH due to damages to the pituitary gland.

One of the most typical worry I see amongst thyroid individuals involves having a low or regular TSH but still continuing to be symptomatic so, to aid comprehend this predicament, I’ve created 3 questions that we require to respond to:

# 1. Question: How can you have a low TSH while taking thyroid drug yet still really feel badly?

This has to do with the reality that it’s possible to have a reduced TSH but still have reduced cost-free T3 and also T4 hormonal agents in the body. Researches have shown that just taking T4 medicine is inadequate to normalize complimentary thyroid hormone degrees although it may normalize the serum TSH.

# 2. Concern: Can you have a reduced TSH and not be hyperthyroid?

Yes! Hyperthyroidism triggered by your own body creating excessive thyroid hormone is not the exact same thing as taking too much thyroid drug (although it can be). There are circumstances where you can take sufficient thyroid hormonal agent to reduce or lower the TSH however still have low totally free thyroid hormonal agent levels.

# 3. Inquiry: What should you do if you have a reduced TSH, take thyroid medication as well as feel badly?

The most effective point to do is to look past the TSH and consider various other laboratory tests consisting of complimentary T3, Free T4 and Total T3.

The combination of these lab examinations will help you comprehend even more of what is occurring in your body.

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