Thyroid Lab Testing – Thyroid Lab Ranges – Hypothyroid Patterns

Thyroid Lab Testing – Thyroid Lab Ranges – Hypothyroid Patterns

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In this video, Dr. Justin Marchegiani tackles functional thyroid testing. Many people come into his clinic telling him that their thyroid is healthy and normal until they finally get the results of their functional thyroid lab tests.

Unfortunately, many doctors aren’t running the right thyroid lab tests. The correct thyroid lab tests are essential to diagnosing what thyroid lab pattern you may have. Many people have T4-T3 conversion issues regarding thyroid hormones. There are thyroid temperature tests that can be done at home that can pick up subtleties in your thyroid hormone levels. Most people don’t realize there are many different hypothyroid patterns. Watch this video to figure out which thyroid lab tests you should take for optimal health.

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