Why I Stopped Taking Levothyroxine for Low Thyroid {Vlog} | SimDanelleVlogs

Why I quit taking levothyroxine (synthroid) medication for reduced thyroid. In this vlog, follow Danelle Ice’s thyroid journey as well as find out her modifications and also negative effects from getting on levothyroxine, a medicine for reduced thyroid (hypothyroidism).

This vlog is from is May 5, 2013. I’ve been on Armour Thyroid (natural hormone medication) for the last year and Here is my upgrade from December 2014 regarding being on Armour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xllbg_CI8PY.

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Warning & Disclaimer: Danelle Ice is not a doctor or physician. She shares her health and wellness condition details with the hope that individuals will find it useful and also informative. Danelle’s vlogs are not supplied as medical advice and also ought to not be a replacement for medical therapy from a doctor. Always consult your doctor with any kind of health problems, problems, or medication questions. Danelle Ice and also IS World Media disclaim any kind of obligation for loss, damages, or injury about use the directions, approaches, and/or other material had in this video clip, text, message, and also channel.

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