Hypothyroid: What I Ate in a Day

It’s obvious that what I eat plays a big part in my effective administration of my hypothyroid signs.

When you have a thyroid concern, HEALING your body has to be objective numero uno – as well as FOOD IS MEDICINE.

Over the years, and also in working with thousands of ladies, I’ve found that figuring out recognizing what to consume during that healing process can be the most significant barricade. To the point that some women seem like they’re damned if they do, and also damned if they do not!

And I entirely get it!

There is SO MUCH CONFLICTING INFORMATION around – it would make anyone’s head spin! After that add a healthy dose of brain fog, fatigue, and a hectic life into the mix – as well as we’ve got ourselves a real shit-uation.

I’ve got you, boo! That’s why I do what I do.

I’m here to aid you sift through the BS and really feel incredible once again!

So here’s a behind the scenes check out what I consume in a day, as well as just how EASY it is!

In this episode …
– Find out what I eat for breakfast every morning
– Learn WHY I consume the means I do
-See just how I make thyroid pleasant food for the whole family members!

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