(TBS #9) Is NDT (Natural Desiccated Thyroid) the Best Thyroid Medication?

This is lesson # 9 in my thyroid novice series and today it’s everything about NDT or all-natural desiccated thyroid!

So what is NDT?
Means Natural Desiccated Thyroid. This thyroid drug is porcine-derived which implies it originates from the thyroid gland of pigs.

It contains both the active T3 thyroid hormonal agent and the non-active thyroid hormonal agent T4.

The proportion of T4 to T3 is around 76% T4 to 23% T3 which is about similar to the same amount that your thyroid gland generates naturally of 80:20.

NDT is felt to be more secure as well as even more natural than various other artificial hormonal agents such as Synthroid or Levothyroxine and other individuals believe it’s the very best thyroid medication.

Is that actually true? There may be some fact to it, however your main goal must be to constantly locate the very best thyroid drug for YOU.

A few of the issues with NDT consist of:
– Many people take excessive thyroid hormonal agent which may cause problems
– Dosing is fixed which suggests you can not fine-tune the T4 and also T3 concentrations.
– May lead to variations in free T3 & Free T4 degrees.
– Symptoms arise from the usage of T3 which can be difficult to take care of in some people.
– May be tough to damage down for some patients in the intestines because of dyes or fillers.
– May cause immunogenic response (may not be ideal for patients with Hashimoto’s).

With that in mind, that should make use of NDT? I’ve thought of a fast checklist below:.
– Those that have fallen short T4 drug.
– Those with low cost-free T3 levels (typically require a T3 drug).
– Those who are post-thyroidectomy.

If NDT is ideal for you, this isn’t an all-inclusive list however it should actually help to get you started and also figure out!

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