Is your hair loss caused by hypothyroidism? (Hypothyroid Hair Loss Series Part 1)

Could your loss of hair be brought on by hypothyroidism? In this initial video of my 3 component hypothyroid loss of hair series, I address the how your hypothyroid can cause scattered loss of hair, exactly how to evaluate for hypothyroid via laboratory tests and also with a basic basal body temperature level examination in the house!

Thumbs up if you like this video, and comment to allow me understand your hypothyroid/hair loss experience, and also what inquiries you have for my following video clip. Part 2 will be everything about exactly how to analyze lab examinations to understand what is taking place with your thyroid. Part 3 will certainly have to do with exactly how to recover from hypothyroidism normally!

I would be so thankful if you joined my customers and also support me in my mission to assist individuals all around the globe reverse their Hypothyroid, PCOS, hair loss and also live happier lives!




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As always, everything in this video is educational only, and I very suggest speaking with a qualified health treatment expert in PCOS and also alternative medicine.