My Hashimotos Thyroiditis / Hypothyroid Symptoms Updated

Howdy as well as g’ day! Right here’s my updated list of all my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis/ Hypothyroid signs:-RRB-.

I feel I should state for records benefit: 25/5/16 I’m on 50 mcg of thyroxine and still experiencing most if not all of these symptoms except the persistent constipation. I try to take iron tablet computers at lunch however half the moment miss out on lunch due to being hectic at the office.

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* My Symptoms List:.
Hair loss, premature greyness, cool as well as numb extremities, chronic tiredness, lacking in vitamin d and iron, need naps typically, wake sensation tired, often oversleep, mind haze and also amnesia, dry/ scratchy skin, fragile nails that flake as well as crack truly easily, chronic bowel irregularity, really poor durations, excruciating as well as incredibly hefty durations, brow hair loss from center as well as out, gain weight quickly and all over not just one area, equally, like inflamed looking, oedema, My mama, auntie, and also relative have hypothyroidism, concerning calcium my kneecaps disjoint, hips had a history of misplacement as a youngster, bronchial asthma, slows down Achilles response, constant sinus infections, regular colds/flus, really prone to bronchitis, regular yeast infections, occasional Urinary tract infections, experience of lump in throat, air hunger, goitre or nodule on my thyroid, tendency for cavities, consistent teeth squeezing (not sure if i classify as TMJ per se), Oversensitive hearing, ringing in the ears signs and symptoms, occasional vertigo, Frequent spasms of the eyelids, very easy discoloration, allergies/hives, heel stimulates, wrist/ joint discomfort.
Other things that I’m uncertain if associated with Hashi’s but can not eliminate: I’m sensitive to ciclor, adverse mushrooms, as well as I experience rest paralysis.

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