House Call: Are You Sick and Tired? Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

If you really feel chilly as well as weary constantly, there’s a likelihood your thyroid is to condemn, due to the fact that one out of five women and one out of ten males have thyroid problems.

Do you:

– Have trouble slimming down?
– Feel weary as well as slow-moving and also feel especially tired out in the morning?
– Have bowel irregularity, dry skin, completely dry, rugged hair, or hair loss?
– Have depression, high cholesterol, low libido, liquid retention, poor memory, and difficulty concentrating?

All of these signs and symptoms are possibly related to low thyroid function or what we call hypothyroidism. They can negatively influence your top quality of life, however when you fix your thyroid function, you can obtain rid of these signs.

Watch or read this week’s House Call with Dr. Hyman to find out exactly how to recognize whether you have a thyroid problem as well as the steps you can require to repair it. You do not need to feel crummy and also weary all the time. There is a means out.

Wanting you health and wellness and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD

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