How To Fight Depression and Anxiety Caused By Hypothyroidism When a person has low thyroid hormones not just a low TSH but low T3 levels, low T4 levels, there are a number of things that happen.
#1 the receptor sites become less sensitive to Serotonin- meaning they don’t respond
#2 there is a decrease in the number of receptor sites- if there is less receptor sites, there is less places that serotonin can bind to and consequently less serotonin is then produced in the brain and in the other tissues of the body.
Studies show that if you continue to have low Thyroid levels year after year, permanent neurodegeneration of serotonergic neurons in the frontal cortex occurs (that’s your brain).
Some of the symptoms you might be experiencing indicating you have Neurodegeneration may include Feeling overwhelmed with ideas to manage, feeling of inner rage, feeling of paranoia,
not enjoying life, lack enthusiasm, loss of interest in friendships, feeling of unproved anger, difficulty falling into a restful state of sleep.

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