The Thyroid Body Type The Thyroid Body Type. Your primary feature is “weight gain all over”. You probably have a stubborn or slowed metabolic rate and the sort of fat you build up is a squishy, waste-like product. In Stage One, you could have seen some hair loss. You could begin losing the external part of your eye brows and get loosened skin underneath your chin and arms.

By stage 2, your nails become breakable, you will have some irregular bowel movements and also your feet really feel chilly; specifically at evening. Cravings begin to kick in as a need for quick energy; because your body has lost its ability to soak up vitamins and also nutrients from food. By Stage 3, The Thyroid Type experiences persistent exhaustion as well as a sensation of clinical depression.

Have a look around and you’ll discover something fascinating regarding people’s bodies – a lot of them fall under 4 forms. To locate your physique take this short study at

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