थाइराइड से मुक्ति Cure Thyroid Problems Naturally by Yoga | men | Women | Home remedies

Natural thyroid cure for disorder & condition by yoga for guys and ladies (in hindi): Yogacharya Shri Surakshit Goswami explains exactly how to yoga exercise assists in thyroid issue. Below are the steps listed below of the following:

Step 1
Kapalbhati kriya
On an empty tummy, sit conveniently in a cross legged setting.
Slowly exhale as well as inhale air while holding your stomach in with your mouth closed.
Keep repeating till you really feel comfy doing it.
Do around 3 rounds

Setu Bandhasana
Lie down flat on your back.
Fold your knees and hold to your ankle joints. Just keep your hands on the ground if not able to.
Inhale as well as slowly breathe out air.
Attempt training your body up from the waistline up in such a way that your chin hinges on your upper body.
Hold on to this position as long as you can. Make sure not to move your shoulders.
Repeat 4-8 times.
Go back to the usual position.
Stretch out your legs and also relax.

Step 3
Reverse and rest level on your tummy.
Keep both the feet under the shoulders, while joining your feet.
Gradually lift your body from the waistline up.
Transform neck right and left in such a way that you can see your feet.
Repeat and stretch your legs out and also kick back.

Step 4
Jalandhara Bandha
Sit in a cross legged placement.
Press your chin to your upper body so that it you can really feel the pressure to your thyroid gland.
Repeat a couple of times.

Step 5
Ujjayi pranayama
Sit in a cross legged placement
Deep inhale air with the nose while tightening your thyroid gland. This need to make a clashing noise.
Exhale out air from your left nostril. Shut the other one with the finger.
Repeat a minimum of 15– 20 times.

Action 6
Singh Garjana
Sit on your toes while your knees are hing on the ground.
Spread out your knees while resting your practical your upper legs.
Rest your chin on your chest.
Bring emphasis of your eyes to the middle of your temple and stretch out your tongue out as long as you can.
Make a “roaring” seem like that of a tiger.
Repeat this for 2-3 times and gently massage your neck while taking your saliva in.

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