Thyroid Booster Supplements: 6 Supplements That Boost T3 and T4

In this video I’ll be discussing a handful of thyroid boosting supplements that you can use to help increase your metabolism, enhance your thyroid support function naturally, and help in correcting your thyroid problems.

Your hypothalamus secretes a hormone called TRH which triggers your pituitary to secrete TSH, which then tells your thyroid to product T3 and T4.

A lot of people have issues with hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), and are looking for natural hypothyroidism treatment.

A damaged thyroid can be an irritating issue.

The 6 thyroid booster supplements are:

1. Micronutrients: vitamins and minerals are super important for your thyroid as they are the building blocks of your hormonal and metabolic functions. You can get these from hypthyroidism foods and supplements.

2. Forskolin: forskolin stimulates cAMP production.

3. Dessicated thyroid glandular: this is actually thyroid tissue, which contains all the minerals that are in your thyroid gland that are needed to stimulate more T3 production.

4. Aspirin: helps mitochondria shift from oxidizing fats to using glucose for fuel, which is the preferred source of energy for your thyroid gland.

5. Taurine: helps protect your thyroid against exposure to pesticides.

6. Ashwagandha: stimulates more thyroid hormone production as well as increasing natural testosterone.

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