What Happened When I Took a Raw Thyroid Supplement

In January, I found non-prescription raw thyroid supplements and also explored with one certain one for a few weeks. Initially, it seemed like a true godsend, however problems started appearing later. I did a blood examination as well as understood that things were actually getting worse. Only lately, with a far better understanding of adrenal and cortisol issues, I finally understood why the raw thyroid supplement had not been a great suit for my body. This video clip isn’t really suggested to scare you off from trying similar supplements. It’s indicated to encourage you to research study and also test yourself far better before attempting powerful supplements such as this. A supplement like this might be remarkable for you if you’re experiencing underactive adrenal glands and low cortisol in enhancement to low thyroid. Yet if you have high cortisol like me, take care! I truly hope this will certainly help you out in your very own thyroid healing journey.

The raw thyroid supplement I spoke about in the video: https://iherb.co/4QcByzHb
A fantastic over the counter option to NDT (natural dessicated thyroid): https://www.naturalthyroidsolutions.com/how-to-order.html
A non-prescription NDT from Thailand I’m presently taking: http://pimpomproducts.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=51
Even more details regarding all the kinds of NDT supplements: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/options-for-thyroid-treatment/
My saliva cortisol examination results: https://youtu.be/yi6FtTdCyjQ
Exactly how I’m decreasing my cortisol normally: https://youtu.be/yi6FtTdCyjQ
My Hashimoto’s Healing Update playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsUaJG3Q74G6RBvi251tP0PDSMxq7qhP7

Thanks so a lot for watching! Have you attempted this supplement in the past? Or a raw adrenal supplement?

Simply your own,
Vita xx

Please note: my videos typically aren’t indicated to offer medical advice, reward, or identify. All I do is share whatever I find out throughout my very own recovery as well as self-improvement journey. Please do your personal study before attempting anything as well as remember to always make well educated choices because knowledge is power.

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