Naturopathy, Thyroid treatment, Rajni Aggarwal

Naturopathy word combines two words, naturo and pathy. Naturo means natural and pathy means treatment. It means it is natural treatment. Through this we will find the cause of disease and try to eradicate it from the base.
Thyroid is also cure through naturopathy. Yoga also helps in it. Brahmni pranayam, Singhasan, Sarvangasan, Pawan Mukt asan etc. creates strain neck and helps in the normal secretion of hormones. Thyroid patient should take the sufficient quantity of iodine in their diet. Strawberry, Pineapple, Garlic, Onion etc. are very rich in iodine. So add it on diet. Massage on neck portion with the oil also helps in the normal stimulation of hormone.
Put soil bandage on neck means take some normal soil and mix it in water. Make its paste. Paste wont be so light or thick. It must be like that through which you will easily make the bandage. Put this soil bandage on neck at least 10-15 times in a week. You will definitely get the relief.

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