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http://www.advancedintegratedhealth.com Most situations of Hypothyroid in America today are misdiagnosed. For most women suffering with this illness the standard playbook goes something such as this, basic blood tests are run, a raised TSH is found as well as hormonal agent is prescribed. The trouble is that after a lady’s “degrees” are balanced, she still struggles with a lengthy list of signs consisting of exhaustion, hot flashes, constipation, clinical depression, loss of hair, feeling cold. It is estimated that up to 80% of women that are experiencing Hypothyroid do not have a thyroid issue in all. They are dealing with a problem called Hashimotos disease.

Melissa is such a case. She was in the clinical system for several years without enhancement. See as she undergoes an all-natural approach to taking care of the reason of her problem instead than simply dealing with the symptoms.

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