How To Heal Low Thyroid : Hypothyroid Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 282

How To Heal Your Low Thyroid : Hypothyroid Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 282

In today’s episode Dr. Bowring shares with us how to heal your low thyroid.

Conditions in the gut, autoimmune attack on the thyroid, stress, iodine deficiency and toxicity in our environment can be the cause of a hypothyroid. Low thyroid symptoms include low energy, fatigue, slow metabolism, feeling cold, dry skin, weight loss or gain issues and even hair loss.

Natural treatment for low thyroid:

Make sure you are getting enough selenium; a great natural source of selenium is Brazil Nuts. Eating just 2-3 Brazil Nuts a day will give you that whole food selenium to support your thyroid and the conversion of the thyroid hormone from T4 to your active T3. These hormones make sure that the body functions optimally. The selenium in the Brazil nut helps to decrease those anti-bodies that can happen in the thyroid, which is part of the autoimmune function, this is a problem when we are dealing with low thyroid symptoms.
Cruciferous vegetables are another great natural treatment for low thyroid. Vegetables such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale are considered cruciferous. It is a common misconception that these vegetables are goitrogenic, which means that they are known for trapping iodine, therefore not being good for the thyroid. Dr. Bowring does not agree with this information, as she has done research and looked at the opinions of top endocrinologists and the information provided shows that they do not agree that goitrogenic foods pose a problem. Dr. Bowring shares her opinion that these vegetables are fantastic for the thyroid in the right amounts, which provide important antioxidants, therefore trapping those free radicals that have a negative effect on the thyroid. Everything in moderation is key.
Another great treatment for hypothyroidism is exercise! Whenever you increase your blood flow this allows the body to make sure the thyroid and metabolism is working.
Dr. Bowring ’s last treatment for low thyroid is detoxification. The thyroid acts like a sieve for the toxins especially heavy metal toxins that are moving through our bodies, these toxins are due to our environmental exposure. Therefore, it is important to detox regularly to help treat hypothyroidism and many other conditions. At VitaTree we recommend to detox 4 times a year/once every season to prevent toxins from building up. Visit our VitaTree website for more information on the VitaTree VitaDetox supplement. Dr. Bowring has formulated a supplement specifically to support the thyroid, containing whole food ingredients including whole food iodine as a natural treatment for low thyroid. The Thyroid Support formula gives the thyroid the essential nutrients that it needs to function optimally.

Lets get that thyroid going with all the helpful natural treatments for hypothyroid provided by Dr. Bowring!

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